Gouldins, Charter Members, Bethesda Baptist, Caroline Virginia 1847

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1847 – Gouldins in Caroline County, Virginia … No liquor … and we’re serious about that !!

Liberty Church, Caroline County, Virginia split in 1847 when some members tried to force a ‘No alcohol or else excommunication’ bylaw. The bylaw failed and numerous Gouldins split off, becoming founding charter members of Bethesda Baptist Church.

Bethesda Baptist Charter Members: John Gouldin — James F Gouldin — Thomas W Gouldin — Louisa Gouldin.

Also mentioned were number other families closely related to the Gouldins: Samuel Battaile, Samuel Coghill, John Rose, Thomas I. West, Addison L. Long, Henry A. Jones, John Massey, Aaron Thornley, William Collawn, Ann Coghill, Lucy A. Roane, Ann Shaddock, Ann rose, Mary Farish, Clementine Farish, Sarah Collawn, Frances A. Goodloe and Lettie W. Long.

FACTOID: The bylaw change failed by JUST ONE vote, splitting the church.

This church was located in the Rappahanock Academy area, which became part of Fort A. P. Hill. The church was dismantled and moved by German Prisoners of War (POWs) in World War II, 1945.


A history of Caroline County, Virginia : from its formation in 1727 to 1924; Author: Wingfield, Marshall, Date of Publication: 1924, page 334; full book available on Ancestry.com … A History of the Liberty and Bethesda churches by Mrs. John Wright.

Bethesda Baptist Church, Caroline County, Virginia

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