James and John Goulden and a trespassing brown cow – 1845, Allegheny, Maryland

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James Goulden reported a trepassing brown cow. The cow trespassed on the land of John Goulden.

Not sure though as to why James Goulden reported the cow to the Justice of the Peace instead of John Goulden … but he did. And another question: if the cow trespassed in mid-November 1845, why did the notice not appear in the newspaper until mid-January 1846?


I HEREBY certify, that a certain Cow, trespassing on the premises of John Goulden, of said county, was, as directed by an act of Assumbly made and provided in such case, appraised by John Folk and Jesse Hinkle, they being duly sworn before me, the subscriber, a justice of the peace in and for said county, to be worth $7.– Colour a red brown; age between 4 and 5 years; no natural or artificial mark. Given under my hand this 14th day of November, 1845.


Notice is hereby given that the owner pay cost and charges, and take said Cow away. Witness my hand this 14th day of November, 1845.


James and John Goulden
Jan 16, 1846 edition of the “Cumberland Alleganian” (Cumberland, Maryland)

Trespassing Cow

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