John H. Golden (b.1934) Enlists in the Marines – April 1952 – and ships off to the Korean War

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Golden - John Henry

John Henry Golden, 1934-2001

Son of Henry Roosevelt Golden and Readie Mae Belcher, of Birmingham, Alabama.

Below are the enlistment and assignment orders of my father John Henry Golden with the U.S. Marine Corps. He enlisted at Birmingham, Alabama on April 22nd, 1952 and reported to Parris Island, South Carolina on April 23rd for Boot Camp.

Following service in the Korean War with Company D, 1st Tank Battalion, he left the Marines on April 21st, 1955.

I have been unable to confirm the story, but upon occasion he would tell how when the Chinese attacked that there were so many of them that the Marines would often run out of ammunition. It was rare however that he ever talked about the war. When I (Bill Golden) went to join the Army at age 17 I needed a parent to sign permission. My father absolutely refused … however my mother did sign the paperwork.

Golden - John Henry - 1952 April 23rd Orders of assignment to Parris Island SC USMC
Within the family photo collection is a platoon picture with the following inscription:Platoon 382.
Fourth Recruit Battalion.
Sgt. G.A.Crawford, Jr.
A.Sgt. F.R. Henry
Sgt. H.J.Molar
June 27th, 1952
M.C.R.D. Parrish island S.C.
Photo by, Moog (sic)
Parris Island