John Richard “Richard” or “Dickey” Golden (1815-1887)

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John Richard “Richard” and “Dickey” Golden (1815-1887)


Nathaniel Greene Golden (1812 – 1882) and Arzela Moore (1825 – 1886)


Martha Hughes (1820–1880), born abt 1820, Pickens, Pickens County, South Carolina; death: 1880, South Carolina.


Jane Golden (1843–1925)

William H. Golden (1846–1864)

John Rufus Golden (1846–1918)

Mary Margaret Golden (1852–aft 1886)

Martha Rachel “Mattie” Golden (1855–1942)

Elijah N. Golden (1857–1932)

John M Golden (1857–1906)

Lonea Golden (1860–???? before 1870; not in 1870 census)

Vinetta Golden (1862–aft 1880)

Benjamin Perry Golden (1869–aft 1880)

Married: Harriet Susan Adeline Corbin (1856–1910)


R. Lee Golden (1879–1957)

Frank Nathaniel Golden (1885–1972)

Richard Duffie “Buster” “Duff” Golden Jr (1886–1957)

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