John William Golding/Golden, 1785, Wilkes County Georgia

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1773 — Georgia, the area that came to be known as Wilkes County is opened for settlement. Prior to 1773 this area had been officially sanctioned for traders but not for settlers. There appears to be no reason to believe that settlers had encroached on this area prior to settlement. Land grants began September 27, 1773, with court records show that settlers seeking new land came primarily from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

1785 — William Golding appears in tax records for 1 poll, 100 acres Wilkes Co., Georgia. This is probably John William Golding/Golden (1725-1801). However, there is a John Golding that also appears in the tax records for 1 poll, 50 acres Wilkes Co.  COMMENT: A “poll” is a “poll tax” which was a special tax levied on each individual between the ages of 21-60. For Georgia, it did not indicate land ownership, which was taxed separately. See Georgia definition of ‘poll tax’.

Until YDNA connects William and Nellie with older family members then their origins remains an open question.

Two YDNA tests have now been done on claimed descendants of Henry Golden (1740-1784), and William Golden (1750-1810) of Lincoln County, Georgia. Both kits match as YDNA type I2a2a aka I-M223.  

An early theory proven wrong: Since these YDNA test results are incompatible with that of our William Golden line then the two William Goldens of 1750-1809/10 (Lincoln GA and Edgefield SC) are not the same person.


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