Kissing cousins James McGill Golding marries Nancy Golding

Silouette - Man and a WomanJames McGill Golding (1768 SC – 1860 MS)
— married Nancy ?? Golding (1793 SC – 1830 SC)

Many family histories show that Nancy was herself a Golding, and was the daughter of Reuben Golding and Margaret Peggy Griffin.

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‘Griffin’ would become a well-known name within the family and passed down for two more generations within the name of James and Nancy’s son and grandson: Ira Griffin Golding Sr and Jr.

Reuben Golding, Nancy’s father, was the son of William Golding and Elizabeth Foster, and Reuben was James McGill Golding’s uncle.

James McGill Golding’s father was Anthony “Magill” Golding, Reuben’s brother.

The marriage would have three children:

  • William Golding (1803 – 1880)
  • Ira G Golding (1805 – 1880)
  • Rachel Golding (1807 – ??)

Several years after Nancy’s death about 1816, James McGill Golding would marry Temperance Foster (1772-1845) in 1819. Almost all family histories on list there being four children in this marriage. However, I find it strange that these would be Temperance’s children as she would have been 47 when the first (Mary) was born in 1819 and age 62 when Benjamin Franklin was born in 1834.

I have not found any documentation for this marriage or these children outside of family histories.

  • Mary Elizabeth (1819-1856)
  • Anthony Foster (1825-1905)
  • John Kline (1828-)
  • Benjamin Franklin (1834-1904)




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