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Am in search of a Nathaniel Golding/Golden that possibly served in the Revolutionary War and served probably in the South Carolina militia.

There is some controversy as whether my greatgrandfather, Nathaniel Greene Golden (NGG), is the son of Richard Golding b.1775 who is the son of Richard Golding b.1744, or whether NGG is the son of a Nathaniel Sr. that served in the Revolutionary War in South Carolina and whom received 200 acres of land as a bounty in Pickens County, South Carolina in 1785 as a bounty.

Note: The National Archives indexes a Nathaniel Golding as having served in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War, and supposedly he is on Roll #89 of the unit records. Am searching that now. I also cannot find where any land bounty was given in 1785 or in any year at all to a Nathaniel Golden or Golding … although there was such a person from New York, and he is known to be related, but as a cousin.

A larger picture of my search is that aspects of my pre-1800 genealogy may be incorrect if such a Nathaniel Golding exists. Who was his father? So with that said I dedicate this page to being In Search Of Nathaniel Goldens. The reason that such a Nathaniel may exist is a series of 1839 land records from South Carolina in which relatives of Richard (1744) and an Richard (1775) reference:

John W. Smith bought 200 acres … originally granted to Nathaniel Golden as a bounty on the 21st January 1785 and Recorded Book Vol 2-2d … page 122.

— Withness by Samuel Capehart, Richard Golden, Jacob Capehart Jr.

Note: This 200 acres is located on Little River, South Carolina, Pickens District (1839). However I can find no history of such a 1785 transaction. South Carolina provides online access to its land records going back well before the Revolutionary War; see  South Carolina Archives.

Since there is a long history of naming sons after their fathers I have decided to document the various Nathaniels that I find … as I find them.

1690 / Virginia / Nathaniel Goldin (Golding/Golden) were among 64 people imported to work on a massive plantation owned by Mr. James Cock, John Butler, and William Low (1684 acres) at Charles City County at a place known as Moncuse-neck, Virginia. (see attached)

1759 / New York, Canada / Nathaniel Golding

Birth 1759 in North Castle, Westchester, New York, United States
Death Jan 1819 in French Village, Kings, California, United States

—– This Nathaniel Golding would be my 3rd cousin 7x removed

Nathaniel’s brother was Zenas Golding who also died in French village . During the Revolutionary War, Nathaniel enlisted in the Kings American Regiment and later in Delancy’s Brigade. He and his wife and daughter sailed out of New York in the fall of 1783 for Saint John New Brunswick. He owned a tavern for many years in French Village. During this time he had three commonlaw wives and nine illegitimate children .

1776-1784 / South Carolina / Nathaniel Golden — There is no evidence that a Nathaniel Golden/Golden ever served or even existed during this time period. lists such a person as having served and claims that he is documented on Rev War NARA Roll #89. Myself and one other Golden family genealogist have reviewed #89 and there is no such person; there is hardly even a Nathaniel on the rolls, with Nathaniel Hood appearing numerous times in the Third Regiment, South Carolina.