Richard Noell and John Rains – Revolutionary War Soldiers

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When Alfred Noel (1791-1816) appealed for a Revolutionary War pension it was due to the service of his father Richard Noel (1759-1800). Military records being nearly non-existent, other than campaign records and lists of staff officers, testimonials had to be collected to prove service.

John Rains (1853-1834) provided testimony that he both knew Richard Noel, before and after the war, and that Alfred Noel was his son: (copy also in my records). Said that he knew Richard Noel for at least since childhood and for 15 or 16 years after the war until 1798 when Noel moved to Orange County, Virginia.

Within the testimony are some details of the military campaigns that they participated in.

The significance of this involves the search for our Golden ancestors and identification of family members and members of the community that knew Barbara Goulden of Rains and Goulden Corner, Caroline County, Virginia.

John Rains (1753 VA – 1834 TN) was the son of Barbara Goulden (1720 VA – 1794 NC), and his father and her husband was John Henry Rains (1720 VA – 1785 NC).

???? The testimony indicates that John Rains gave his testimony on 28 November 1838 (should be 1828?) in Hawkins County, Tennessee although he supposedly died in 1834. >>> There are some problems with dates and the math thereof. Per the deposition, Rains says he is age 75. …. Year 1838 – Age 75 = Year 1763. Rains genealogies say he was born in 1753.

Deposition Issues:
It appears that a pension was awarded in 1836 so it could be that the deposition of ‘1838’ should be ‘1828’. This would solve several issues. Final pension account: “Veteran’s widow’s heirs were pensioned at the rate of $180 per annum commencing March 4th, 1836 and ending July 18, 1838 by virtue of her husband’s service as a Sergeant of Cavalry in the Virginia Continental line for 2 years.

Genealogical Importance of Relationship

There is a second significance in that this Noel-Rains friendlship shows a close relationship between the families. Our Golden family carries DNA connecting with members of the Noel, Rains and Gouldens — unfortunately we have no other names of Gouldens related to Barbara Goulden known at this time.

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