Sarah Frances Golden Funderburgh (Funderburk), c1796-1819

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Woman SilouetteSarah Frances Golden Funderburgh (Funderburk), c1796-1819, is probably the daughter of William and Elender “Nellie” Golden of Beaver Dam Creek, Saluda, Edgefield County, South Carolina.

Her confirmed parentage is undetermined by any known documentation. However, location and dates, as well as relationship to the Cotney family, lean very heavily towards William and Elender “Nellie” being her parents.

Location: Edgefield County is often the formal location given within census reports and property records for the Golden, Funderburg and Cotney families. It is known that the Cotneys and the Goldens were from the area of the county that became modern Saluda County in 1896. Their property was on the Saluda River in the vicinity of Beaver Dam Creek and Cloud Creek.

The Cotney family moved to the same area in 1787 from Craven County, North Carolina, with the land still in Cotney family name today (2005). Their land consisted of some 1200 acres between Beaver Dam Creek and Cloud’s Creek.

Dates: William and Nellie had a daughter under age of 10 in the 1800 census for Edgefield. In 1810’s census, William has passed away and Nellie is recorded as having a daughter age 16-25. The names of children were not recorded in the censuses.

In the 1810 census for Edgefield County, there were four Goldens listed, all living near to one another: Isaac, James, Nellie, and Samuel. Samuel Golden male descendants have been YDNA tested and have matching 37 marker test results. Samuel (born c1770) was either a son, brother or first cousin of William Golden (born c1750).

Samuel Golden would move to Tennessee and his life is well documented there.

Isaac Golden would reside in the area until just after 1810 and then move to Wilkinson County, Georgia with his family. Isaac also appears in the 1810 Pendleton, SC census.

James Golden — nothing is known about him. A James Golden/Golding does appear in subsequent censuses but in nearby Union County. More research required.

Known Relationships: William and Nellie’s older daughter Margaret Frances Golden, 1784-1875, married William Cotney, 1773–1819, of Saluda, Edgefield, South Carolina.

Sarah Frances Golden married Peter Elijah Funderburgh (Funderburk), 1790–1872, and their daughter Mary Eveline Funderburgh (Funderburk), 1816–1898, married William Sampson Cotney, 1812–1877, son of William Cotney and Margaret Frances Golden, grandson of William and Elender “Nellie” Golden.

Beaver Dam Creek feeds into Cloud Point Creek, which was the scene of a traumatic, grisly Revolutionary War engagement during William and Nellie Golden’s life. This event was known as the Cloud Creek Massacre.

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