Seaborn Golden, 1820/1-1901 – Beware of things carved in stone

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Seaborn Golden – Not all things carved in stone (or found on the internet) are correct

Golden - Seaborn - 1821 to 1901
Seaborn Golden, it a mystery as to why this marker says what it does.

The birthdate on this grave marker should be 1820 or 1821 … not 1841, the year of Seaborn’s marriage.

Military Service: There is no evidence or record of Seaborn Golden serving in the 5th North Carolina Infantry, or in any North Carolina military unit. There are no Goldens by any spelling variation (Golding, Goulden, Golden, etc) that served in the 5th North Carolina Infantry. How this seemingly official commemorative headstone came into being is a mystery … but it is an example of seemingly useful information preserved through the ages that will only lead genealogists astray because it is not correct.

CSA records show that Seaborn did serve but it was in the 2nd Regiment, Georgia Reserves (Confederate).

Company: H, 2nd Regiment; Rank In/Out: Private; Film Number: NARA M226 roll 23

Family History:

Parents: John James Golden (1797-1857) and Sarah A. Hall (1800-1883)

Spouse: Milly Adams (1829-1901), married 1841 at Early, Georgia.


Henry Golden 1845 – ?
James Golden 1845 – ?
Nancy Golden 1847 – ?
Noah Golden 1849 – 1933
Sarah Ann Golden 1852 – 1930
Mary Elizabeth Golden 1855 – 1900
Joseph Golden 1858 – 1928
Fanny Golden 1859 – 1889
George Thomas Golden 1861 – 1946
Millie Jane Golden 1862 – ?

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