Shaun Golden, Police Chief of Monmouth County, New Jersey

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Shaun Golden, Police Chief, Monmouth County, New Jersey

The Golden family were the original organizing founders of Monmouth, New Jersey back in 1665 when William Goulding was designated as one of the ‘Proprietors’ of ‘the Monmouth Patent‘.

Golden - Shaun - 2013 Police Chief of Monmouth County NJ

The Monmouth line of Gouldings, often listed as Golding, would change their name to Golden within several generations.

I have no clue about the relationship of Police Chief Golden and William Goulding/Golding/Golder … but there are a ton of Goldens up that way … there were also many later arrivals of Goldens from various sources in the centuries after 1665 in this part of the country (New England).