The First Goldens in Virginia – 1638 to 1701

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Golden Family History

1638 May 1st – on 500 acres upon the east side of the Chichahominy River, at a place called Pynie Point on the Chechqeroes Bay there were 10 persons that settled this parcel. Thomas and Dorothy Golden (Golding) were among the 10, all of whom appear to have been indentured servants to Christopher (sic Xphr) and Thomas Edwards. Note: This settlement did not work out as in “This pattent surrendered up & soe much taken in another place”, although these names do not appear elsewhere to my knowledge.

The Goldens below may possibly be related, but probably not to Thomas and Dorothy Golden due to the distance in time between their immigration to Virginia.

1683 April 16th – on 307 acres in Charles City County on the south side of the James River in Weyonoake Parish at the place called the Otter Dams there were seven persons that settled this parcel to include Jonathan Golden (Jon. Goldin).

1690 April 21st – on 1684 acres of land in Charles City County at a place known as Moncuse-neck, there were 34 persons that settled on this land. Nathaniel Golden (Nath. Goldin) was among these.

1701 October 24th – on 1420 acres of land on the south side of the main Blackwater flow into Black Creek there were 29 persons that settled this parcel. Among them were Richard Golden (Richd. Golton) and Anthony Golden.

The relationship of the above Goldens to one another is unknown.

Source: Early Virginia Families Along the James River: Their Deep and Tangled Branches, Volume II.

All of the locations mentioned above can be found on the map below, an area which extends from Richmond along the James River to Jamestown.