The Anthony Foster Golden/Goldings of Webster, Mississippi, USA

The family of Anthony Foster Golden or Golding was constantly in transition as different family members chose to use either Golden or Golding as their preferred surname. Below are just some examples.

1889 – James Monroe Golden (Golding)

  •     Birth March 1850 in Mississippi
  •     Death 1920 in Mississipp
  •     Parents:  Anthony Foster Golding (1825 SC – 1905 MS) and Unity Zonnie Elizabeth “Younie” Johnson (1830 AL – 1881 MS)
Golden - James Monroe Golding - 1889 - Mississippi Land Patent 573x320
This land claim was signed by President Grover Cleveland.

1900 Census – Anthony Foster Golding (Golden) Family

Anthony Foster and two of his daughters, Sallie E. and Miriam (listed as Myran) went by Golding, but two sons (Anthony) Foster Jr., and Joseph as well as his daughter Beatrice went by the name Golden. Sallie is listed as his wife but is actually his daughter.

1900 Webster, Mississippi Census
1900 Webster, Mississippi Census

1917 World War I Draft Card – William Frank Golding

William Frank Golding, son of Anthony Foster Golding, had blue eyes and light brown hair, and was of medium build according to his draft card (flip side).

Golding - William Frank

… and yet William Frank completed life as William Franklin Golden.

Golding - William Frank Golden