Thomas Goulding of Somersetshire, England and Mary Roberts of Monmouthshire, Wales marry and immigrate to USA after 1829

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Goulding - Thomas - 1875 - Gravestone of Thomas and Mary Roberts Thomas - Princeton MN
Gravestone of Goulding – Thomas – 1875 – Gravestone of Thomas and Mary Roberts Thomas – Princeton MN. Photo by Teresa (Ellison) Andolino

Thomas Goulding

  • Birth Aug 1799 in Kingswood, Somersetshire, England
  • Death 28 May 1875 in Princeton, Mille Lacs, Minnesota, USA

Mary Roberts

Married: September 8, 1828 at Trevethin, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK.

Unknown: the parents of either Thomas Goulding or Mary Roberts.  Possibly related to Thomas are the following Gouldings who are of the appropriate time period and probable age to be parents or an uncle/aunt/cousin listed within the Bristol Wills Index for 1793-1858, Bristol, UK: Will of Mary Goulding, 1829 and Will of Thomas Goulding, 1820.


  • The family immigrated to the USA and to Ohio between 1830 and 1832. The obituary for Mary Roberts Goulding lists 1832 as the year of immigration. One source claims that the family immigrated in 1830 to Ohio and then provides a timeline to their other travels across the USA (1).
  • Per Thomas Goulding’s obituary, the family immigrated to the USA in 1846 — this is obviously an error as his son Samuel Lasdon Goulding was born in the USA in 1833.
  • There was a Mary Roberts that arrived as an immigrant in New York on March 31, 1827. Whether this is the same Mary Roberts and she returned to marry in Wales is unknown. It would seem unlikely but it is also unknown.
Hometowns of Thomas Goulding and Mary Roberts.
Hometowns of Thomas Goulding and Mary Roberts.


  • Emma Jane Goulding DePew (1829-1910); born Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK.
  • Samuel Lasdon Goulding (1833-1904); born Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, USA.
  • David Edwin “Samuel” Goulding; born 23 Jul 1836 in Pomeroy, Meigs, Ohio, USA.
  • Thomas Goulding; born abt 1838 in Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, USA.
  • Mary A. Goulding; born Jan 1839 in Ohio, USA.
  • John Westley Goulding (1845-1917); born Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, USA.
  • Sarah Goulding (1848-1927); born Jun 1848 in Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio, USA.


Goulding - Thomas
1850 Census, Pomeroy, Salibury Tpl, Meig County, Ohio. Children listed in the census. (Emma) Jane, David, Thomas, Mary A., Harriet, John Wesley, and Sarah. Not listed: Samuel Lasdon, b1833. Thomas’ occupation is listed as miner, and David is either a sailer or a tailer.


Goulding - Mary - b1803
Obituary for Mary Roberts Goulding

Obituary of Mr. T. Goulding

The Princeton Appeal, Mille Lacs county, Minnesota,
June 10, 1875

Mr. Goulding, who died in Princeton May 28th, in the 76th year of his age, was born at Kingswood, Somersetshire, England, August 1799. He emigrated to the United States in 1846, settling first in Ohio, where he resided until he went to California in 1854. after remaining almost two years in California, he returned to Ohio, from which place he removed to Minnesota in 1856, settling finally at Princeton in 1858. Mr Goulding has ever been known as a faithful husband, a good father, and a true friend. For almost fifty years he has been identified with the Church of Christ, forty-eight of which found him a member of the Methodist Church, for which he ever had a sincere affection, and two of which he was a useful and consistent member of the Congregational Church of this place. Considering that he followed the work of a coal miner for many years of his life, it can be stated to his credit that he, through all his experiences, remained true to his Saviour. He is now at rest with him, realizing the blessed fulfilment of the promise “Them that honor me I will honor”

Obituary of “Mrs Goulding”

The Princeton Union, Mille Lacs County, Minnesota
Wed. Mar 27 1878 “Death of Mrs. Goulding”

The tolling of the Congregational Church bell early on Monday morning awakened the slumberers of the village; the bell was tolling for Mrs. Mary Goulding, who, at half past 11 o’clock on Sunday night bid adieu to this vale of sin and tears, and her soul was wafted into eternity. Mrs Goulding had attained the ripe old age of 74 years and 3 months – more than twice the years alloted to the average mortal. She was born in Monmouthshire England, in 1804, was married in 1828, emigrated to the United States in 1832, came to Minnesota in 1856, and located in Princeton in 1859, her husband, Thomas Goulding dying in 1875. She was taken ill about a couple weeks ago, the physician thought she would recover, but on Sunday evening a change for the worse set in; her end was peaceful, she died as she lived – a devout Christian with a firm belief in a life of glorious immortality beyond the grave. She was comforted in her last moments by the presence of five of her children Mrs. Neely, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Depew, Mrs. Jesmer and Mr. John Goulding – around her deathbed. The funeral took place on Tuesday, services were held in the Congregational church, Rev. Mr. Storms and Rev. Mr. Kingsland officiating, the latter gentlemen preaching the sermon. The church was densely crowded and the pulpit was tastefully decorated with beautiful flowers. The funeral procession was a large one, extending several blocks in length; the remains were consigned to their last resting place in the West Branch Cemetery. The deceased lady was a true Christian, something very rarely met with now-a-days, and her life was an example that other so-called Christians would do well to imitate. The children and relatives of the deceased lady desire to express their gratitude and return their sincere thanks to the neighbors who so kindly assisted them.

1 – Timeline: Thoma Goulding was in OH in 1830, moved to MN in 1855 and then on to Isanti County, MN in 1856, finally settling in Princeton, Mille Lacs County, MN in 1858.  Source: History of Upper Mississippi Valley (pub 1881) at Seattle Public Library qR977.6H629

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