Who is Henry Golden of Kaskasia, Illinois in 1787?

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27 Aug 1787 — Henry Golden of Kaskasia, Illinois signs letter authorizing Bartholmew Tardiveau, Esquire, to represent them to the Continental Congress.

?? Who is this Henry Golden?

?? Was Henry Golden among the small detachment of troops that arrived with George Rogers Clark who renamed the former British outpost at Kaskasia as Fort Gage in 1778?

?? Or was Henry Golden among a group of “bandits” since this letter was signed in 1787? … In 1784 John Dodge, a Connecticut adventurer, and a group of bandits occupied Fort Kaskaskia and made it their headquarters for terrorizing the region until being driven out in 1790.

Henry Golden Kaskasia Illinois

Below is the letter as it was printed in the in ‘Kaskaskia Records, 1778-1790‘, by Clarence Walworth Alvord, 1909, page 443 — a free PDF book download.

Kaskasia Illinois

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