William David/Davis Golden, 1870 GA – 1957 FL

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Ancestry.com DNA testing shows a 5th-8th cousin relationship with the granddaughter of William David / Davis Golden, 1870–1957.

BIRTH 16 MAY 1870 • Stewart County, Georgia
DEATH 7 JUN 1957 • Hardee County, Florida

Allowing an average of 30 years per generation, then our families could be related somewhere between 180-240 years ago, or between 1777-1837. After reviewing the known line of these Goldens … who were Gouldens in the beginning … just as we were … then it is more likely that we were related in the 1777 or earlier time period.

No known YDNA test exists for any male Golden from this line so that needs to be a priority as we learn more about our new cousins. Additionally, while the Goldens in this family are absolutely in the right place and time of history to be our cousins, the use of atDNA needs to be closer examined to confirm our relationship.


William David/Davis Golden (WDDG), 1870–1957, appears to have gone by the middle name of ‘Davis’ early in life and by 1910 census it became became David. His social security record shows ‘David’ and family histories show that he went by the name ‘Dave’.

WDDG as ‘Davis’ married at Thomas County, Georgia on 26 Nov 1889 to Beulah McMillan, 1871–1935.

BIRTH 19 JUNE 1871 • Thomas County, Georgia
DEATH 18 JUL 1935 • Mitchell County, Georgia

Together they had 12 twelve children: 6 boys (Malcom William, Mark, William Henry, Lester B, Eugene Clower and Robert Lee) and 6 girls (Annie Mae, Carrie Bell, Violantie, Laura L, Inez and Pauline Lula).

Our DNA cousin relationship comes via their daughter Annie Mae Golden, 1889 GA – 1975 Sarasota, Florida.

William Davis David Golden


The parents of WDDG were:

William E. Goulden/Goulding (Golden), 1849–1921

BIRTH OCT 1849 • Stewart County, Georgia
DEATH 15 FEB 1921 • Grady County, Georgia

Born a Goulden. Listed as Goulding in 1850 census, but married as Goulden in 1867.

The Goulden/Goulding name appears to have stayed in use through the time period 1900-1910 when it finally became Golden after 1910. Was listed as ‘Golden’ in 1900 census, reverted to ‘Goulding’ in 1910 census, and has been Golden ever since.

Laura A V Taylor, 1847–1920

BIRTH AUG 1847 • Georgia
DEATH aft 1920 • (Cairo, Grady) Georgia

William E Goulden


The parents of William E. Goulden/Goulding were:

Thomas A Goulden, 1818–1880

BIRTH ABT 1818 • Georgia
DEATH BEF 1880 • (Stewart Co) Georgia

Parents unknown. Got info? Norfolk1956@gmail.com

Mariah (Maria) Triggs, 1815–1900

BIRTH 9 NOV 1815 • Bryan Co., Georgia
DEATH BEF 1900 • Texas

Per surviving Triggs family bible, we know that Mariah’s father was John James Triggs, 1794 London, England – 1856 Stewart, GA, and her mother was Mary Cook, who passed away before 1830.

Also recorded within the bible is the marriage of Thomas A. Golding and Maria Triggs at Burke County, Georgia on 2 Oct 1838.


This where our search begins. Searching for their origins AND searching for a descendant male Goulden / Goulding / Golden to take a YDNA test: Norfolk1956@gmail.com

My Goulden/Goldens are from the area of what was Edgefield County and became Saluda County, SC.

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