William F. Golden and Sarah Bartholomew, immigrants from England to Nebraska, USA

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Willliam F. Golden married Sarah Bartholomew in England, parenting a son David Gilbert Golden (1863), before immigrating to the USA circa 1878.

Exact locations of William and Sarah’s birth and the year and the place of their marriage is unknown.

Port of immigration is unknown, although New York is the mostly likely location.

Immigrating along with William and Sarah Golden was Sarah’s brother: George W. Bartholomew, born 9 Sep 1826, died 28 May 1908 in York Co., Nebraska, USA.

Willliam F. Golden

Birth 1817 in Ireland
Death 1916 in Baker, York, Nebraska, USA

Sarah Bartholomew

Birth 12 Jun 1825 in England
Death 17 Apr 1914 in York, York, Nebraska, USA


David Gilbert Golden
Birth 28 Sep 1863 in England
Death 27 Mar 1907 in Jefferson Co., Nebraska, USA

David Gilbert Golden married to 

Mary Jane Gearhart

Birth 10 May 1870 in Winterset, Madison, Iowa, USA
Death 29 Mar 1949 in Santa Clara, California, USA


William Leon Golden
Birth 17 Sep 1889 in Nebraska, USA
Death 1971 in Hastings, Adams, Nebraska, USA
— per draft registration at age 27: medium height, medium build, gray eyes and light brown hair.

Married Vella Mae Seaman, 1896 – 1992


Carl Edmond Golden, 1917 – 1993
Viola Marie Golden, 1918 – 1987
Walter Leroy Golden, 1921 – 2011
Richard Howard Golden, 1923 – 1983
Doris Maxine Golden, 1925 – 2006
Roger Golden, 1929-??
— Roger was age 1 in the 1930 census. May have died in childhood.
Wilma Jeanne Golden, 1933 – 1990
Tommy Alan Golden, 1935 – 1951

Golden - William Leon - WWI Draft Card

Grace G. Golden
Birth Apr 1891 in Nebraska, USA
Death ???
— No further information available.

Hirley Thomas Golden
Birth 01 Mar 1893 in Hayes Center,Hayes Co.,Nebraska, USA
Death 30 Aug 1969 in Santa Ana,Orange Co., California, USA
— Per his draft registration record at age 24: tall, slender, light brown eyes, dark brown hair.

Married Mary Frances Olson, 1892 – 1973; of Norwegian parents.

Golden - Hirley Thomas - WWI draft card


Eldon Morley Golden, 1912 – 1975
Virginia Adelyn Golden, 1914 – 2003
Grace Geneieve Golden, 1918 – 1998
Dorothy May Golden, 1920 – 1974

Clara A. Golden
Birth Jan 1896 in Nebraska, USA
Death ??? (Aft 1910 (census))
— No further information available.

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