1575 – ‘The Sacrifice of Abraham’ by Arthur Golding – with a useful history of Goldings included

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A very useful history of the English Golding family from about 1400-1600 in Southeast England is provided as an introduction to the 1909 reprint of A tragedie of Abraham’s sacrifice.

Arthur Golding (A.G.) translated A tragedie of Abraham’s sacrifice from the original French of author into English in August 1575 while living at the ancestral Golding family home of Belchamp, Essex.

The geological information was included in the 1909 reprint for the University of Toronto, Canada by Malcolm W. Wallace, Ph.D.

Malcolm Wallace Ph.D. credit

The introduction to the reprint is noteworthy for being a small book just by itself. Introductory commentary contains almost 20 pages chronicling the Golding family from the time of the Domesday Book until Arthur’s death in 1606. It also makes fleeting reference to Arthur’s son Percival.

As noted by Wallace, the Golding origin as a historical trackable family begins then with these three names: Goldinc (the family that owned the farm in Domesday at the Hundred in Colchester), those that lived at the town or the large village of Goldingham (the town of Goldings; Goldinc was nearby), and the family known as Goldinus (Latin for Golding). // There are other origins of the name but within English history the Domesday Book is the starting point — although historians of East Anglian history claim that the Goldinc (Goldric) family appears as far back as the 9th century, but without any kind of genealogy being available.

You can download the 1909 reprint of A tragedie of Abraham’s sacrifice from Google Books.

Golding - Arthur - 1575

The introduction of the book begins as shown below.

Golding - Arthur - 1575 - book introduction - A tragedie of Abrahams Sacrifice
The initial page of the book’s introduction provides much useful information and then continues to do so for almost 20 pages.

Locations often referred to within English Golding history.

Essex England and locations of Golding family in history
Essex England and locations of Golding family in history