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Commentary by Catherine Gauldin

George Golding did not survive according to the information I have about him. He was probably a relation of Bartholomew Gosnold. Below is all of the information I have regarding the Goulding/Golding immigrants to Jamestown. I’m looking for more information about THOMAS GOLDING/GOULDING, listed in the Census of 1623. I lose track of him after 1638.

Note by Bill Golden: Bartholomew Gosnold was married to Mary Golding (b1595, Grundisburgh, Suffolk, England; d.23 Oct 1665 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England; daughter of Robert Golding, Esq., and Martha Judd). Bartholomew Gosnold was responsible for the exploration of Virginia and the establishment of the Jamestown Colony.

A very good overview of the relationship among the Gosnolds, Goldings and the Judds can be found in the Judde Family History. There were several Golding-Gosnold marriages, to include Joane Gosnold (1511-1551+) marrying John Golding (1510-1551).

VIRGINIA IMMIGRANTS AND ADVENTURERS, 1607-16351: A BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY records four Gouldings who came to Jamestown in Virginia as servants between 1607 and 1623. The following information is recorded:


  • GEORGE GOULDING – In 1607 George Goulding, a laborer, arrived in Virginia in the first group of colonists that settled on Jamestown Island (1) (CJS 2:142)
  • GEORGE GOULDING – George Goulding arrived at Martin’s Hundred (7) around mid-January 1623 and was one of the Society of Martin’s Hundred’s servants. According to fellow servant, Richard Frethorne, Goulding died shortly thereafter in the home of Mr. William Harwood, the settlement’s principal leader (VCR 4:60)
  • SARA GOULDINGE (GOULDOCKE) – Sara Gouldinge (Gouldocke) came to Virginia on the Ann in 1623. In early 1625 she was living within the corporation of Elizabeth City, where she was a 20 year old servant in the household headed by John Banum and Robert Sweete (18) (CBE 64)
  • THOMAS GOULDING – Thomas Goulding came to Virginia on the GEORGE in 1623 and on February 4, 1625 was living at Martin’s Hundred (7) where he was a 26 year old servant in Ellis Emmerson’s house. In August 1638 Thomas Goulding secured a patent for a lot in urban Jamestown (1) (CBE 61: PB 1 Pt. 2:595)
  • Thomas Goulding is listed in the Jamestown City, VA Census of 1624 as a 26 year old servant in the household of William Harwood in Martin’s Hundred. This conflicts with the information posted above that he was in the service of Ellis Emmerson.
    Goulding Thomas 26 Servant William Harwood Martins Hundred George 1623 1624-02-04
    He is a qualifying ancestor for the Jamestown Society (3)
  • GEORGE GOULDING (Golding) was one of the original settlers to Jamestown (4)

2 – Jamestown City, VA Census 1624 from Family Treemaker website
3 – JAMESTOWN SOCIETY, Qualifying ancestors,
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December 20, 1606, 150 passengers left Blackwall, London, England in three London (Virginia) Company ships, Susan Constant with Master Christopher Newport and 71 passengers, Godspeed with Capt. Bartholomew Gosnold and 52 passengers and the Discovery under Capt. John Ratcliffe, carrying 21 persons. They headed for the New World and in search of the Lost Colony of Roanoke (John White’s 1587 trip with 150 passengers landing at Hatorask on July 22.) After 6 weeks, the ships landed in Cape Henry, Virginia. 105 survivors established the town of Jamestown.
April 30, 1607: The ships arrive at Cape Comfort, a vanguard boat stopped at Kecoughtan where the natives welcomed the English
Settler list:..
Golding, George laborer
Bartholomew Gosnold was one of the most important of the Jamestown settlers and an interesting notation regarding a possible family connection to George Golding5, laborer is discussed:
Here brief mention may be accorded to some of those lesser lights in the colonial experiment, some who are known or surmised to have been relatives or friends of Bartholomew Gosnold. In addition to his friend Gabriel Archer, Gosnold took with him his younger brother, Anthony, and the son of his first-cousin Robert, another Anthony, aged not over eighteen. George Goulding, a laborer who went along, was also most probably a relative — a close one, perhaps, of Bartholomew’s wife, or a distant one of Bartholomew himself.
Bartholomew Gosnold was b. 1572, Suffolk, England , d. 22 Aug 1607, Jamestown, Virginia of malaria and his second wife was MARY GOLDING, Mary was the granddaughter of Sir Andrew Judd, the Lord Mayor of London and there is also a definite link through the Gosnold family to the GOLDINGS of Essex County and Suffolk County, England and to SIR THOMAS GOLDING of Essex County. The geneology of Bartholomew Gosnold (grandson of Robert Gosnold) is listed as follows6
3. ROBERT GOSNOLD, the elder, Lord of the Manor of Netherhall, was apparently born shortly before 1490. He outlived his sons and was the patriarch of the family until his death in 1572, aged about 85 and the great-grandfather of eight children named in his will, including Bartholomew Gosnold. He married first AGNES HILL, the daughter of John Hill of Ashbocking (vis) a parish three miles west of Otley. She was the mother of his children. He married secondly, ANN DOGGETT, daughter of Richard Doggett of Groton Lappage and widow of Thomas Bacon of Hessett…There was no issue of this marriage….
The children by his first wife:
4. i. JOHN, s & h (Vis) b. c 1512 (mentioned as deceased, Will B)
5 ii ROBERT, 2nd s (Vis), b. c 1514 (mentioned as deceased, Will B.)
Iii, KATHERINE, b. before 1511 (Will A) m THOMAS GOLDING, Lord of the Manor of Poslingford Hall (Vis and Cop V, 279) and of Stonehouse in Clare (Cop V 201-2). Four sons and six daughters (named in Vis (Golding) pp93-4 and in the Will below)
THOMAS GOLDING was a son of ROBERT GOLDING of Gray’s Cavendish, Suffolk (Vis pp 93-4) and Harleian Soc. XIV 580) and a first cousin of JOHN GOLDING of Belchamp Hal, Essex whose daughter Margaret married the 16th Earl of
5 Bartholomew Gosnold – Discoverer and Planter by Warner F. Gookin and Phillip Barbour ,Prime Mover of Jamestown Part III,

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Oxford, and became the mother of EDWARD DE VERE, 17th Earl of Oxford. (See L.T. Golding “An Elizabethan Puritan”, printed by Richard R. Smith, New York, 1937). His will, dated 14 Aug 1575, pr 4 Dec 1575.
iv. Joan (Vis) Johan Bromley (sic) (Will B) b. after 1511 m. JOHN GOLDING of Walter Belchamp co Essex, d. 1551-2. He had four sons and three daughters by wife Joan. She married (2) after 1552 – Brymeley (Will of her son Robert, below)
JOHN GOLDING was a brother of THOMAS GOLDING, above. His will, dated 10 Dec. 1551 pr 30 Jan 1551/2 PCC 3 Powell abstr by L.H. Haydon Whitehead, communicated to the author, mentions purchases of lands in Framsden, Cretingham and Soham from Robert Gosnold, Esq names wife Joan and children Robert, John, Roger, Alice, Ursula, Katherine and Thomasine, all under 21 except Robert and names his brother Thomas and his brother-in-law Robert Gosnold as supervisors of his will. The will of his son, Robert Golding, of Walter Belchampe, Essex, dated 11 March 1591/2 codicil the same date, pr 1 July 1592 PCC 61 Herrington, abstr by Les, THE REGISTER, LVII 220 refers to his mother Joane Brymeley.
v. Crysen (Vis) Christian Ryvell (Will B) b after 1511 m James Ryvett of Mendlesham. She died a widow, about 1588, leaving five children and 28 grandchildren, mentioned in her will below. “Rivett” is an ancient name…They were possessed of the manors of Riboat and Brandston, 5 Henry 7 (1490)” (Gippa).