1850 Census – Nathaniel Green Golden, South Carolina

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Nathaniel G(reen) Golden (NGG) and family were recorded in the 1850 census for the ‘Western District of Pickens County’, South Carolina, during early August 1850.

The family’s name was spelled ‘Goulding‘ in the census. NGG was listed as a farmer with 150 acres of land. All family members were listed as having been born in South Carolina.

Listed as living on the neighboring piece of property was NGG’s mother Rachel Golden, age 74 and living with her was Isabella R. Golden, age 9 (probably a granddaughter, or greatgrandaughter). Their names were also spelled Goulding.

1850 Census, Western South Carolina

NGG’s family within the 1850 census consisted of:

  • Nathaniel G., age 37
  • Auzelle (Arzela), age 35
  • Frederick N., age 3
  • Marcus L., age 4
  • Eliza B., age 2
  • Mary, age 0
Western counties of South Carolina
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