William Golden’s Militia Service – Revolutionary War, South Carolina

William Golden’s Militia Service – South Carolina Revolutionary War Former Virginian and Colonel of South Carolina Militia Philemon Waters was given the mission in 1781 to ‘recruit’ to support the revolutionary militia. This included recruiting loyalists to switch sides. Colonel Waters had a reputation of treating, and being treated by, local loyalists with respect and … Read more

1780 – John Golden c1780 SC – 1850 Pike County, Alabama

1780 – Who were the parents of John Golden born c1780 in South Carolina? DNA matches via Ancestry indicate that John Golden born c1780 in South Carolina may be related to the William and Nellie Golden family (c1750-1809) of Newberry-Saluda, South Carolina. DNA matches are available from descendants of Julia Caledonia Golden, 1880 AL-1975 TX, … Read more

Who is William Goulding of 1st Spartan Regiment, South Carolina?

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Who is William Goulding that served in the Spartanburg, South Carolina 1st Spartan Regiment, Revolutionary War? While not listed as serving in any Continental Line Revolutionary War units, William Goulding is rostered as serving in the South Carolina militia roster for the 1st Spartan Regiment. This … Read more

William Golding Land Grant 250 Acres, 1771, South Carolina

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook This land grant was to William Golding, c1704-1782, married to Elizabeth Foster, c1704-1775. Note: At least four William Golding male descendants have been YDNA-tested: haplotype R1b R-M269. Prior to South Carolina, the William Golding family lived in Orange, Orange County, Virginia. Most of William’s … Read more