Amos Golding – 1832 Revolutionary War (New York) Pension Interview- page 1 to 3

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Amos Golding – 1756 to 1843 – Revolutionary War Soldier, New York

Rev War ServiceAmos’ Family History // Very few records existed to document Revolutionary War service. Most records consisted of poorly organized and minimal information that contained a soldier’s name, rank, perhaps a skill, and the names of the officers with their unit designator.

To facilitate validation of surviving soldiers from that the war for a pension, there were a standard set of questions that they had to answer. If their answers seemed to be coherent and provided sufficient information then their application was forwarded for review by the War Department’s archivists.

Below are Amos Golding’s answers to the panel’s questions.

Golding - Amos - 1832 Rev War PensionGolding - Amos - 1832 Rev War PensionGolding - Amos - 1832 Rev War PensionPages 4 to 6 of the interview