William Golden’s Militia Service – Revolutionary War, South Carolina

William Golden’s Militia Service – South Carolina Revolutionary War Former Virginian and Colonel of South Carolina Militia Philemon Waters was given the mission in 1781 to ‘recruit’ to support the revolutionary militia. This included recruiting loyalists to switch sides. Colonel Waters had a reputation of treating, and being treated by, local loyalists with respect and … Read more

Major Stephen Golding, Loyalist and descendent of Ephraim Golding

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Stephen Golding (son of John Golding and Anna Merritt) was born 1762 in Duchess County, NY, USA, and died June 27, 1845 in Long Island, NB, Canada. He married Nancy Gerow, daughter of Isaac Gerow and Charity. This line of Goldings track back via parentage of Joseph, Thomas, Ephraim, Percival Jr, Percival Sr, … Read more

Revolutionary War – GFolks that served

Golding/Golden/Goulding Family History on Facebook 1776-1786 Revolutionary War | Loyalists in Southern Campaign This is but a partial list of those Golden’s that served. Names were not reliably spelt the same way on all military records for the period. For example, the records were standardized for ‘Richard Golden’ (son of William Golding and Elizabeth Foster), even … Read more

Who is William Goulding of 1st Spartan Regiment, South Carolina?

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Who is William Goulding that served in the Spartanburg, South Carolina 1st Spartan Regiment, Revolutionary War? While not listed as serving in any Continental Line Revolutionary War units, William Goulding is rostered as serving in the South Carolina militia roster for the 1st Spartan Regiment. This … Read more

William and Nellie Golden of Edgefield, South Carolina

Note: Extensive revamping of this page is necessary. YDNA testing from mid-2017 has allowed the confirmation of some prior theories (to include disproval) as to which Goldens in the region belonged to which families. We have also now been able to confirm within about five miles as to where William and Nellie Goulden lived. Documentary … Read more

Reuben Golding and the Battle of Hayes Station, Kings Mountain, South Carolina, 1781

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Reuben Golding is the son of William Golding (1704-1782) and Elizabeth Foster (1704-1775). Born 1741 or 1743 in Orange County, Virginia and died 1835 March 5th at Milton, Laurens County, South Carolina. Reuben would serve in just about every major South Carolina campaign of the … Read more

Golden Goldin Golding Goulden and Goulding – Massachusetts Patriots that served during the Revolutionary War

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Massachusetts Revolutionary War military service by members of the Golden, Goldin, Golding, Goulden and Goulden (GFolks) families. +++++++++++++++++ My own Golden family line is not known to be related to any of these GFolks. However, we could be! Our Goldens appeared in South Carolina … Read more