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Births of the children of James Seaborn Golden (1881-1943) and Mary Frances Phillips (1884-1960) are documented within a book that appears to be a faith study guide. This same book also contains a listing of two grandchildren, a son named Charles Golden whose father is Louie Karo Golden and a daughter named Louise Golden whose father is James Hughie Golden.

It would appear that these birth records were entered at some time (same handwriting and same pen) after the fact (after 1927), and were entered by the same person. As to all entries being made at once, Dewie Alice Golden was born in 1919 yet is listed ahead of Quie Quay Golden who was born in 1918.

George Washington Golden is the last entry, 1927. It is safe to say that all entries were probably made at some time in 1928 as some grandchildren were also listed (see above). There are no entires for births after 1928 even though the next grandchild was born in 1929, and numerous grandchildren were born in the immediate years after 1928.

Golden - James Seaborn - Family Bible and birth of children - from Anita Sweeten
Photo courtesy of Anita Sweeten

Children listed:

  • Louey Karo Golden, born July, 14 1901
  • Unnamed child born Oct 23, 1902; was supposedly a daughter.
  • James Hughie Golden, born Nov 3, 1907
  • Dewie Alice Golden,  born Nov 20, 1919
  • Quie Quay Golden, born Nov 29, 1918
  • George Washington Golden, born Nov 20, 1927


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