William M. Golden (1776-1852), Lincoln County, Georgia and Mary “Polly” Turner (1776-1860)

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William M. GOLDEN

Birth April 23, 1776 in Pittsylvania, Virginia
Death October 20, 1852 in Hurricane Valley, Madison, Alabama

Married May 12, 1797 at Lincoln County, Georgia to:

Mary “Polly” Turner

Birth 19 March 1776 in Pittsylvania, Virginia
Death August 27, 1860 in New Market, Madison, Alabama

Military Service: War of 1812, Rank: Private, Georgia Militia, Period of Service: as of Nov 1814 for six months. Regiment: probably 3rd Regiment (Wimberly’s), Georgia Militia. There is some discrepancy as Polly Golden’s Declaration notes Colonel Blackshure as commanding; will seek to reconcile via research.

Golden - William M - 1812 - b1775 d1852 - married to Mary Polly Turner
Transcript of War of 1812 military service from Ancestry.com, shared by SEGPSG.

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