Capt Richard Goulden, Rev War, South Carolina Militia

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Rev War ServiceRichard Goulden, Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment, A Captain under Lt. Col. Yarborough (?). Dates unknown. (1)

Richard Goulden: He served as a captain under Col. Yarborough and was in the engagement at Peldert’s Old Field. (Elkin, Joshua, S10624). In a listing of known battles and engagements in South Carolina, there is no such listing of conflict.

Joshua Elkin, Upper Ninety-Six District Regiment, claimed that he served three months under Capt. Richard Goulden and Lt. Col. Yarborough, dates unknown.  Then, served three months under Capt. Lewis Box, Maj. Hicks (Lower Ninety-Six District Regiment), dates unknown. He did receive a small Rev War pension for service in 1780-1781.

Confusion: There was a very well known Richard Golding with documented Revolutionary War military service, however he served in the Virginia Line, 9th and 11th Regiments, although his family lived in the Ninety-Sixth District from early 1770s onward. Early Ninety-Six District residents supposedly came mostly from Pennsylvania and Virginia. North Carolina had plenty of open country and a low population so there was little reason for immigration from NC.

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1 – Rev War Patriot Military Captains of South Carolina