Notes to Self — Links with Interesting Info

Notes to Self — Links with Interesting Info Dear Self, when you have time then revisit these links … … Awbreys and Aubreys, a gazillion interesting links … Keeling? Gouldman? …  1572 — Awbreys in Wales …  1680 — Pierce Vaubel: Gouldman … 1680 — Public Officers in Virginia, 1680 (PDF Downloadable // in Lib) …  … Read more

Personal Identification Used by Our Ancestors

Personal Identification of Ancestors Who are you? Really? How did we know? ??? Someone just asked: … before driver licenses, social security cards (1930s), medicare cards (1930s), and birth certificates (1915-1925 in most places), how could someone prove that they were actually themself? ??? How did our ancestors prove their identification? Before 1920s-1930s, forms of identification when needed: — … Read more

Families of Great Interest in My Genealogy Search

Families of Great Interest in My Genealogy Search … Raines, William Raines, c1692/1710 Brandon, Prince George, Virginia, passing 14 Feb 1763 at Granville, North Carolina. Married to Angelica Wynne 1711–1750 and then Elizabeth LNU 17??–1773.  —— A William Raines made an ‘agreement’ of some kind with Francis Gouldman in 1716 with the unusual price of … Read more

Facebook Genealogy Groups

Facebook Genealogy Resources These are genealogy resources and groups that I participate within online. Have found them to be of value. Know of a group that I should be following? Bill Golden, … Georgia … North Carolina …  South Carolina … Ninety Six Historical Society … … … The South Carolina Historical Society … Read more

yDNA Tracking Databases for Gold- and Gould-

DNA SNP Tracker Gold/Gould yDNA Projects Resources to compare your yDNA: … FamilyTreeDNA: Gold and Gould Project … … FamilyTreeDNA: Golden Golding Goulden et al …  … WikiTree Golden DNA Group Project … yDNA Groups of Interest … Cumberland Gap Y-Line DNA Project … has results for Ballard, Bennett, Buckner, Carpenter, Carter, Catlett, Compton, Cooper, … Read more