Virginia Lady Norfleet, 1923 – 2021

Virginia Lady Norfleet, 1923 – 2021 Virginia Lady Norfleet, 1923 – 2021, age 97 of Lee’s Summit, Missouri – Virginia Lady Norfleet, 97 passed peacefully August 13, 2021. Hugs to her family! Virginia was the daughter of John Franklin (J.F.) Lady, 1901–1990, and Virginia Elizabeth “Bessie” Chumbler, 1898–1980. Married 12 Jun 1945 to Frank Ford Norfleet … Read more

Thomas Golding, c1869 England to 1939 Kankakee, Illinois, USA

Thomas Golding, c1869 England to 1939 Kankakee, Illinois, USA Immigrated as a baby from England to Kankakee, Illinois c1871-1873 … parents of Thomas Golding are unknown BUT another English Golding family also came to Kankakee from England at the same time. Children of both families are of similar age. In two different  censuses, Thomas gave 1871 … Read more

Personal Identification Used by Our Ancestors

Personal Identification of Ancestors Who are you? Really? How did we know? ??? Someone just asked: … before driver licenses, social security cards (1930s), medicare cards (1930s), and birth certificates (1915-1925 in most places), how could someone prove that they were actually themself? ??? How did our ancestors prove their identification? Before 1920s-1930s, forms of identification when needed: — … Read more

Mona Jane (Monnie) Golden, 1872–1899

Mona Jane (Monnie) Golden, 1872–1899 Descendant of William Golding c1704 VA – 1782 SC and Elizabeth Foster c1704 VA – 1775 SC line. Mona Jane ( Monnie) Golden, 1872–1899BIRTH 1872 • Texas, USADEATH 1899 • Arkansas City, Arkansas, USA MarriageEnoch Jackson Hooper, 1865–1945 (died of heart attack)29 Jan 1888 • Lafayette County, Arkansas, USA Two … Read more

Robert Allen Keeling, Jr, 1942-2021, Camarillo, California

Robert Allen Keeling, Jr, 1942-2021 California — Robert Allen Keeling, Jr., 78, of Camarillo, has passed away at his home. Bob was born on July 26, 1942, in Callaway County, the son of Robert Keeling and Mary Francis Christopher. After graduating from High School, Bob joined the U.S. Marine Corps where he served from 1960-1964. … Read more

Families of Great Interest in My Genealogy Search

Families of Great Interest in My Genealogy Search … Raines, William Raines, c1692/1710 Brandon, Prince George, Virginia, passing 14 Feb 1763 at Granville, North Carolina. Married to Angelica Wynne 1711–1750 and then Elizabeth LNU 17??–1773.  —— A William Raines made an ‘agreement’ of some kind with Francis Gouldman in 1716 with the unusual price of … Read more

William Golden’s Militia Service – Revolutionary War, South Carolina

William Golden’s Militia Service – South Carolina Revolutionary War Former Virginian and Colonel of South Carolina Militia Philemon Waters was given the mission in 1781 to ‘recruit’ to support the revolutionary militia. This included recruiting loyalists to switch sides. Colonel Waters had a reputation of treating, and being treated by, local loyalists with respect and … Read more