Edward Goulding – 1654, Westmoreland County, Virginia

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1654 Dec 29 – Edward Goulding and John Alexander witnessed the sale of land from John Dynely to Andrew Munroe (Monroe), which appears to have been bought from John Walton on 12 Jan 1654. … This land is probably in reference to that owned by John Walton, born bef.1629 and died aft.1656 at Westmoreland County, Virginia. This land was along the Potomac River, beginning at its mouth.

>>> This is the first that I have heard of Edward Goulding … but it would appear that he is well established enough to be considered a witness in a substantial land transaction.

Factoid: The Munroe (Monroe) family would later produce a a great-grandson: President James Monroe.

Westmoreland County, Virginia

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