1692 Virginia – Richard Golden (Goldon) Imported – Essex County

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1692 – Richard Golden (Goldon) — Essex County, Virginia — William Clapham receives a certificate for 1900 acres of land and imports Richard Goldon (Golden) along with 37 other persons.

Richard Golden Essex Virginia 1692

Others imported: Vallintine Mayo (Valentine, Valentin), Abgall Basett (Bassett), Tho King (Thomas), Susana Gobett (Susanna, Susannah), Margaret Griffes, David Purvis, Richd Mon Joy (Richard), Ann Crumsure, Jno Spenge (Jonathan, Johnathan), John Collerrell, Richard North, Jno Bryand (Bryant), Jno Hasell, Jno Persefull, Ann Gwines, Hen Williams (Henry), Edmond Wheden, Fra Jennings (Frances, Francis), Jonathan Bathow, Eliza Chambers, Mary Putley, Ann Fack, Jno Thomas, Anny Foy, David Rome, Jno Spiers, Jno Willkisson (Wilkinson, Wilkerson), Jno Willcok (Wilcock), Jno Crooke, Edmund Collenery, Hen Dyer, James Daniell. Source: Essex County Orders, 1692-1693, by Ruth and Sam Sparacio, pub by The Ancient Press, pg 30.

Immigration Sponsor

William Clapham, born 1653 Lancaster County, Virginia; died 4 Mar 1695/96 Richmond County, Virginia. Married to Elizabeth Madestard, b. Bef 1636, d. Aft 1674, they had a son named William but he would have been too young to manage property or family business. Son: William Clapham, b. Abt 1681, Essex County, Virginia, d. Aft 1717, St. Anne’s Parish, Essex County, Virginia.

The Claphams were Second Wave Jamestowners.


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