Elizabeth Jane Golden Littleton Wigington, 1842-1925, South Carolina

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Updated 2014.03.31 – this posting was previously published and has been significantly revised since its original publication. There were a number of errors in the original story. My fault. My left hand was typing stuff without coordinating with my right hand … and my brain pattern seems to have been in miscorrelation mode. A great thanks goes to Tom Young for his patience in identifying errors AND providing source documentation for the corrections.

Say hello to Elizabeth Jane Golden  “Ella Jane” Littleton Wigington.

Elizabeth Jane Golden Littleton Wiginton - b1842 Texas

Elizabeth Jane Golden married first John S. or T. Littleton about 1872. Both were born in South Carolina. It appears that they moved to Texas where two daughters were born: Martha (1874) and Amanda (1875) Littleton. John Littleton died in Upshur, Texas in November 1875 and Elizabeth returned soon after to Oconee County, SC with her daughters.

John Wigington would come into Elizabeth’s life in late 1876 or early 1877. Ella Jane Wigington, a daughter, was born in January 1878 and a son, James Wigington, was born in 1880, just in time to make it into the census.

The census records below show that she was born in South Carolina, and so were her parents: Richard Golden (John Richard “Dickie” Golden)  and Martha Golden, nee Hughes.

1850 – Census: living at Western Division, Pickens, SC with her parents.

1860 – Census: living at Regiment 2, Pickens, SC with her parents.

1870 – Census: living at Whitewater, Oconee, SC with her parents.

>> Married (John) Littleton at some time before or about 1874, when Martha was born. The father for both Martha and her sister Amanda’s (b.1875) is named as John Littleton on their death certificates. Both Martha and Amanda are listed as having been born in South Carolina per 1880 census records but they were born in Texas per their death certificates. // 1872 has been listed within one family history as the year that Elizabeth and John Littleton married (weda185/Anc).

>> Married John Wigington at some time after 1875, when her first husband died, and before 1878 when her daughter Ella Jane Wigington was born. Family appears together in 1880 census for Oconee, South Carolina. // Martha and Amanda Littleton are named as Wizenton (Wigington) in the census and their birthplace is reported as South Carolina, although Texas is correct.

1880 – Census: living at Whitewater, Oconee, SC (Wizenton, Wigington)

1900 – Census: living at Wagner, Oconee, SC (Wigington)

1910 – Census: living at Oconee, SC (Wigington)

1920 – Census: living at Oconee, SC (Wigington)

1925 – Passed away at Anderson, South Carolina (Wigington)

Elizabeth’s (Ella Jane Wigington) death certificate provides much useful information about her. She was born October 1, 1843 at Oconee, South Carolina to Richard Golden and Martha Golden, nee Hughes. She passed away on November 5th, 1925 from ‘chronic Nephritis’ (kidney inflammation) at age 83. She was buried at Hepsiah Baptist Church, Anderson, South Carolina on November 6th, 1925.

Golden - Elizabeth Jane
Death Certificate for Ella Jane Wigington, AKA Eliza or Elizabeth Jane Wiginton nee Golden.

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