Goldens, McGolricks and McGoldricks of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland and Brant County, Ontario, Canada

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Thanks to Robert Golden for sharing the following.

Found this while searching County Tyrone in Northern Ireland: Brant County, Ontario, St. Joseph’s Cemetery.

John McGolrick – born 1796 Co. Tyrone, died 9 January 1866 Aged 70 years, Brantford Twp, Brant Co.

Mary Ann McMahon McGolrick (wife of John McGolrick) – born 1797 Co. Tyrone, died 14 April 1868, Aged 71 years, Brantford Twp, Brant Co.


Daniel McGol(d)rick – born 1826 Co. Tyrone, died 12 January 1889, Aged 63 years Brantford, Ontario. Buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery Brantford, Ontario.

Mary Ann McGolrick Waterhouse – born 1 May 1828 Co. Tyrone, died 29 December 1906, Aged 70 years Brantford Twp, Brant Co.

John McGolrick (Golden) – born 1832 Co. Tyrone, died 26 April 1911, Aged 80 years Brantford Twp, Brant Co.

Patrick McGolrick – born 1834 Co. Tyrone, died 14 September 1880, Aged 46 years Brantford Twp, Brant Co.

Hugh McGolrick (Golden) – born 14 November 1835 Co. Tyrone, died 1914 Brantford Twp. Brant Co.

Catherine McGolrick Donaldson – born 4 November 1841 Co. Tyrone, died 3 July 1917, Aged 75 years Toronto Ontario. Buried St. Joseph’s Cemetery Brantford, Ontario.

Submitted by Juli B. Shore Mississauga, Ontario. NOTE: Some members of the family changed the name permanently to Golden, while others used both names (at different times). The spelling, McGolrick was used by all but Daniel, whose gravestone has the name spelt as McGoldrick.

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