Richard Golden of County Tyrone, born c1746, what YDNA says

Richard Golden of County Tyrone, born c1746, YDNA says Updated 2021.06.13 — NEWSFLASH!! BIG Y testing shows that the lines of Richard Golden, born c1746, and Mark Golden, born c1762, share a common father or grandfather. No name is known yet, so we will call him by his Terminal SNP name: Grandfather G-FTA59516 Golden … … Read more

Goldens, McGolricks and McGoldricks of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland and Brant County, Ontario, Canada

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Thanks to Robert Golden for sharing the following. Found this while searching County Tyrone in Northern Ireland: Brant County, Ontario, St. Joseph’s Cemetery. John McGolrick – born 1796 Co. Tyrone, died 9 January 1866 Aged 70 years, Brantford Twp, Brant Co. Mary Ann McMahon … Read more

Richard Golden (of County Tyrone) Descendants – a Family Reunion Letter from Carol Golden

Greetings Family, As I reflect over all the new faces met at this year’s Golden reunion and those I have met on facebook on my personal page and on the Stephen Golden Facebook page  and The Golden Family Facebook page genealogy pages I’m so very grateful for our family. I heard a man on the radio … Read more