Golding Family of Le Havre, France seeks to connect with Golding Family of Australia

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From 2008.03.31 Gen Forum on // spelling, etc., is as in the original posting:

Hi everybody. My name is Andy GOLDING, I’m from France (City of Le Havre) and I’d like to meet all my family members living in Australia.

In Fact, I’ve got some evidences that all my family lives in Australia. My GrandFather has been sent by the Australian Government in France during the second World war (he was sodier). When the war was over (1945) my grandfather met a French woman who’ll become his wife. He stayed in France, in the city of Le Havre until his death in the 90’s. His name was George GOLDING.

After the war, the Australian army sent a message to his family in Australia to inform them that my grandfather was died alone during the war (this information was wrong even if i managed to have a duplicata of this letter sent by the army).

Since this time, i think that all my family members don’t know that nearly twenty people named GOLDING live actually in France.
So I’d dream about meeting my really family in Australia.

I try to search them but i have not much informations about them. I just know that my ancestors lived in Norseman and Kalgoorlie (Western Australia)and that an ancestor (in the 19th century) was the first people miner to get married with a black people in Australia.

If you had any informations about them or about golding family in western australia, please request me at this email adress:
agolding AT

29, rue du Bercail
61000, Alençon.

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