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Golding - Sandy - 2013 Jacksonville Beach
Sandy Golding, President of Beaches Watch, Jacksonville, Florida. Photo: 2011, HandsOnJacksonville.

Sandy Golding

Sandy is a longtime activist for a variety of community causes. She current serves as president on the Board of Directors for Beaches Watch, Jacksonville Beach, Florida through 2014.

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From the HandsOnJacksonville blog:

Sandy Golding designates her volunteering to improve the Jacksonville beaches community and the animals that live there. Sandy started  Beaches Watch, a non-partisan nonprofit that educates and encourages beaches residents’ involvement in local and state government decisions that affect the beaches of Northeast Florida. The idea started after she rallied citizens to voice their concerns to the city council about a new development in Jacksonville Beach. In 2006 Beaches Watch was awarded a Community Steward Award by the organization 1,000 Friends of Florida.

In 2001 Sandy petitioned the city council of Jacksonville Beach for a dog park in Jacksonville Beach, the Friends of Paws Park opened in 2005. She established the Friends of Paws Park volunteer organization to promote responsible dog ownership and to work along with the City of Jacksonville Beach to provide improvements and maintain the dog park.

In another way to help the furry friends of Jacksonville Sandy has been involved with the Jacksonville Animal Advisory Committee. They work with Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services (JACPS) to improve the shelters and reduce the number of animals euthanized.

The Jacksonville Animal Advisory Committee has successfully lowered the rate of animals killed in the shelter from 79 percent to 49 percent in the last three years since Sandy has been on the committee. Sandy volunteers at least 120 hours a month for her causes to improve areas were people and animals live.

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