Golding Loyalists – United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada

An update to this is needed. New info available. (2017.10.17)

There are no known Golden, Gaulden, Gaulding, Goulding or Golding loyalists from south of New England from the Revolutionary War.

Northern Golding families split in their support for the British Crown and in their support of the American Revolution.

Descendent families of these four loyalist Goldings are registered with the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada:

  • John Golding
  • Stephen Golding
  • Stephen Golding (Major) – settled in Long Island Queens Co., New Brunswick, Canada
  • Zenus Golding – settled in French Villiage, New Brunswick, Canada

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Other Golding loyalists are known to exist. Nathaniel Golding, brother of Zenu Golding (listed above), was born circa 1759, of Northcastle, Westchester County, New York, was a brother of Zenus Golding. Nathaniel married Sarah DeVoo on April 26 1781 in New York. He passed away January 12, 1819 at French Village, Kings County. New Brunswick, Canada.

During the Revolutionary War, Nathaniel enlisted in the Kings American Regiment and later in Delancy’s Brigade. He and his wife and daughter sailed out of New York in the fall of 1783 for Saint John New Brunswick. He owned a tavern for many years in French Village. During this time he had three common-law wives and nine children.

Southern loyalists were more likely to settle in Florida which remained loyal to the United Kingdom during the Revolution. Have searched but can find no records of G-Folk loyalists going to Florida, which probably indicates that no G-Folks in the American South were openly loyalist.