Is Elizabeth Nalle Fielder our Great Grandmother Nelly Golden?

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Elizabeth Nalle, c1755 Culpeper County, Virginia, is listed in the published Nalle Family History as marrying William Fielder, 1748-1778.

In her father’s will and probate of 1803, she is referenced as “… Elizabeth Fielder widow to William Fielder Decd …”

Elizabeth was only age 23 when her husband died.

? Did Elizabeth remarry after William Fielder’s death? Could she have remarried a William Golden of South Carolina?

DNA between multiple members of our Golden family (four different branches) matches with DNA of numerous members of the Nalle family, and all match with a specific Nalle line.


At one time I had listed Elizabeth Nalle as our probable grandmother, married to William Golden (c1750-1808/9).

I still consider this a probability. However, the 1802/3 inclusion of her in her father’s last will and testament (LWT) as being a ‘Fielder‘ is disruptive to this association.

?? If Elizabeth had remarried to William Golden then why would her family be unaware?

2019 Update: Elizabeth Fielder Nalle is listed as living in 1817 and received her portion of her father’s will that same year (Jasper County, GA, Will Book, page 217).


Within several genealogies of the Fielder family, Elizabeth Nalle is listed as:

Elizabeth Hall, 1750–1802
BIRTH 1750 • Virginia
DEATH 3 DEC 1802 • Morgan, Georgia

The Fielder children and grandchildren may not have had any close relationship with the Nalle family as none of their genealogies list Nalles as grandparents or ancestors. They do not attribute their grandmother even a ‘Nall’ or ‘Nalle’ but as a ‘Hall’. This error is easy to make based upon script handwriting — but it also indicates a non-awareness of the Nall / Nalle family line which would have corrected the error.

No doubt  — I have little doubt that Elizabeth Nalle married William Fielder as the marriage is acknowledged within her father’s LWT.

?? About the LWT of father Nathan Martin Nalle, was this acknowledgement done based upon old information. Was his daughter Elizabeth even in contact with her Nalle family since her husband’s death in 1778? I have asked this question of various Nall / Nalle family historians and the answer is: IDK. >>> The 1817 receipt of her portion of her father’s will (see 2019 Update above) would indicate that the family did have contact.


I had briefly listed Elizabeth Nalle as our grandmother, married to William Golden, 1750-1808.

We know our grandmother of c1755-aft 1812 only as ‘Nelly’ as that is how she was listed in the 1810 census.

Children of William and ‘Nelly’ Golden were born in the 1780s and 1790s. Four separate branches from that time period show a 4-6 generation connection with her parents: Nathan Martin Nalle, 1721–1803, and Sarah Eldridge, c1725–aft 1802.

… and numerous of the same branches indicate same time period DNA connections with her grandparents:

Martin Nalle, 1670–1728, and Mary Jane Aldin (Alden), 1681–1734.


Genealogy / Technicalities: Being from numerous old Virginia lines, our family is related to the Nalles in other ways.

atDNA cross-referencing challenges: James Nalle, a Martin Nalle and Mary Jane Aldin descendant, married Amanda Boone who is herself a Gouldman family descendant. Amanda’s parents were Enoch Morgan Boone (1777–1862) and Elizabeth Lucy “Eliza” Gouldman (Goldman), 1776–1858. Eliza Gouldman was daughter of Robert Gouldman (Goldman, 1735–1807) who is  my 1st cousin 7x removed (7 generations ago) if my genealogy is correct. This relationship would create the DNA connectivity with descendants of William and Nellie Golden.

Nathan Martin Nalle is technically my ‘brother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed of uncle of wife of 4th cousin 5x removed’ … Obviously this connection would not produce the 4-6 generation DNA connectivity that we are seeing for the children of William and Nelly Golden.

HOW THIS WORKS OUT: Brother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed of uncle of wife of 4th cousin 5x removed 

>>> The genealogy connection path below is not capable of linking via DNA within the last 4-6 generations, so our DNA relationship to the Nathan Martin Nalle family needs more research.

>>> There are many Dillard family members in this connection. There are inconsistencies with the Dillard genealogy in the mid-to-late 1700s so … some things may be incorrect. Colonel Thomas Dillard is claimed by several Dillard families as being their own. He also seems to have several wives in parallel to another … which is not probable.

Nathan Martin Nalle (1721 – 1803)
brother-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed of uncle of wife of 4th cousin 5x removed

Mary Jane Aldin (Alden) (1681 – 1734)
Mother of Nathan Martin Nalle

Winifred Holloway Nalle (1705 – 1744)
Daughter of Mary Jane Aldin (Alden)

Thomas Dillard Col (1706 – 1774)
Husband of Winifred Holloway Nalle

Nicholas Dillard (1685 – 1757)
Father of Thomas Dillard Col

James Stephen Dillard (1658 – 1714)
Father of Nicholas Dillard

James Stephen Dillard Jr. Capt Col (1697 – 1790)
Son of James Stephen Dillard

James Dillard Capt. (1727 – 1794)
Son of James Stephen Dillard Jr. Capt Col

John Dillard Col Rev War (1751 – 1822)
Son of James Dillard Capt.

Priscilla Sukey Pettus (1730 – 1791)
Mother of John Dillard Col Rev War

James Stephen Dillard Capt (1755 – 1836)
Son of Priscilla Sukey Pettus

Priscilla Ramage Dillard (1783 – 1857)
Daughter of James Stephen Dillard Capt

Joseph Garrett (1775 – 1849)
Husband of Priscilla Ramage Dillard

John Garrett (1750 – 1806)
Father of Joseph Garrett

Joseph Garrett (1729 – 1787)
Father of John Garrett

Joseph Garrett Sr (1704 – 1789)
Father of Joseph Garrett

Frances Elizabeth Buckner (1680 – 1739)
Mother of Joseph Garrett Sr

Richard Buckner (1658 – 1733)
Father of Frances Elizabeth Buckner

Margaret Buckner (1690 – 1760)
Daughter of Richard Buckner

Ann Hay Taliaferro (1702 – 1760)
Daughter of Margaret Buckner

Shadrick Sherrod James (1744 – 1852)
Son of Ann Hay Taliaferro

Thomas R James Sr (1792 – 1877)
Son of Shadrick Sherrod James

Nancy Ann James (1825 – 1911)
Daughter of Thomas R James Sr

I Ninna Graham (1862 – 1917)
Son of Nancy Ann James

Sultania Graham (1886 – 1923)
Daughter of I Ninna Graham

Readie Mae Belcher (1907 – 1993)
Daughter of Sultania Graham

John Henry Golden (1934 – 2001)
Son of Readie Mae Belcher

William David Golden (1956 – still drinking coffee 2018)
Son of John Henry Golden

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