Major Stephen Golding, Loyalist and descendent of Ephraim Golding

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Stephen Golding (son of John Golding and Anna Merritt) was born 1762 in Duchess County, NY, USA, and died June 27, 1845 in Long Island, NB, Canada. He married Nancy Gerow, daughter of Isaac Gerow and Charity.

This line of Goldings track back via parentage of Joseph, Thomas, Ephraim, Percival Jr, Percival Sr, Arthur and a long line of Goldings extending to approximately 1360. 

The Golding family of New York strongly divided between loyalists and  pro-revolutionalists. Stephen’s father and several cousins were also New York loyalists that would relocate to New Brunswick, Canada several years before the Revolution came to an end. Relations between New York Goldings had become extremely contentious and dangerous. Relocating was an appropriate option. Other loyalist Goldings that left in 1783 included Nathaniel Golding.

Stephen settled in New Brunswick in 1783 and died on Long Island, in that Province in June 1845 at the age of 83. For the 30 years previous to his decease he held a commission for the peace for Queens County. For 55 years he was an office in the Provincial Militia, and retired with the rank of Major. He was a consistent member of the Church of England. His descendants are numerous-namely eleven children, seventy one grandchildren, and seventy four great grandchildren.

Both are buried at Golding Point, Parish of Wickham, Queens County, NB, Canada. Information came from genealogy papers on file in Queens County Musuem, Gagetown, NB, Canada.

More About Stephen Golding:
Baptism: July 08, 1792, Hampstead, NB, Canada.
Burial: Golding Point, Wickham, NB, Canada.

Children of Stephen Golding and Nancy Gerow are believed to be as shown below:

  1. Isaac Golding, 1783-1815
  2. Robert Golding, 1786-1861
  3. Henry Golding, 1791-1861
  4. Elizabeth Ann Golding, 1792-1832
  5. John Nelson Golding, 1796-1842 (twin with Stephen?)
  6. Stephen Golding, 1796-1880
  7. Thomas Golding, 1799-1872
  8. Charity Ann Golding, 1804-1877
  9. James Golding, 1807-18??
  10. Phoebe Golding, 1809-1881

Three sons are buried in the family cemetery: Robert, Stephen and Thomas. Various genealogies tend to agree on the children shown above — but some genealogies show as many as 15 children. There is no known Last Will and Testament for either Stephen or his wife Nancy. Nor is there a family Bible which lists family members.

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