Jacob Golden, Jr – 1780-1855

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Jacob Golden, Jr – 1780-1855


Jacob Golden, Sr (1756-1779) and Mary Ann Adams (1758-1853)


Elsie Elizabeth Starr (1781-1837)

Elsie represents a unique piece of folklore within this Golden family. Some stories say that she was a full-blood Cherokee and could speak no English. It is said that Elsie was taken from the family (1836) and died on the Trail of Tears (1837).

To my knowledge, there is no evidence that Elsie was either a Cherokee or a member of one of the other Five Indian Nations that were exiled in late 1836.

The purpose of the exile was to remove Native American claim to the land. The standard for selection to be exiled included those with 1/4 or more Indian blood. Yet, none of Jacob and Elsie’s children were exiled.

Some family histories list Elsie’s father as George Starr. Starr was a popular English name among Cherokee, and indeed there was a George Starr born in Tennessee that was exiled to Indian Territory (1608010736).

George Starr lived until 1855 and died at Newton, Missouri. There is no documentation that links this George Starr and Elsie Starr. Descendants of this Starr family were interviewed in 1937 (1607310816).

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  • Anna Golden
  • William Jacob Golden
  • Elizabeth “Betsey” Golden
  • Mary Polly Golden
  • Walter Golden
  • Franklin Golden
  • Mildren Golden
  • Sidney Golden
  • Delilah Golden
  • Caswell Golden

YDNA Testing – Two male Goldens descended from this line have tested. The haplotype profile: R-M255.

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