YDNA Profile of Gaulding Family Line of New Kent, Virginia, since 1665

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The following three YDNA tests all track back to John Gaulding c1665–1740 of New Kent, New Kent County, Virginia.

John Gaulding YDNA

John Gaulding (1665–1740)
BIRTH 1665 • New Kent, Virginia
DEATH 1740 • St Peters Parish, New Kent, Virginia

married to Mary Anne Stuart (1680–1735)
BIRTH 1680 • New Kent, Virginia, United States
DEATH 27 OCT 1735 • St Peters Parish, New Kent, Virginia

St Peters Parish, New Kent, Virginia

Some records list John Gaulding as Goulden. The family names of Galden, Galding, Gaulden and Gaulding appears to be variant spellings of the name Golding or Goulden from about 1650 onward.

From Whence Came the Gauldings?

There is no known record of a Galden, Galding, Gaulden and Gaulding immigrating to America during this time period or within the century thereafter.

Unique to this branch of Gauldings, as portrayed within this YDNA profile, is that they were in the right place and at the right time to be descended from John Golding (c1640-1684) who married to Elizabeth Ripley (c1639-1725) and lived in nearby Gloucester, Virginia. Some family members do claim this line of descent.

However, claiming descent from John Golding and Elizabeth Ripley is problematic at best. There is no evidence to support the claim of any Golden, Golding Goulden or Galden, Gaulden or Gaulding family line.

My belief is that only an atDNA match to the Ripley, Tucker or Turner family of Gloucester, Essex and New Kent, Virginia will resolve which family descends from John Golding (c1640-1684) and Elizabeth Ripley (c1639-1725).

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