John Alexander Golden (1841-1897), Alabama, Union Navy

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Updated 2015.01.30

John Alexander Golden (1841-1897) was born in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, raised there and returned to Alabama after the War between the States, aka Civil War, after joining the Union Navy in 1864 and serving through the war’s end.

John Alexander Golden and Rebecca Webster - Alabama

John left his home in Alabama and traveled to Pensacola, Florida and enlisted in the Union Navy at Fort Barrancas. He would serve the remainder of the war aboard the USS Potomac. His official rank was Landsman, i.e. an inexperienced sailor. At the outbreak of the Civil War the USS Potomac departed New York 10 September 1861 for the West Gulf Blockade Squadron off Vera Cruz. She became the stores ship for the squadron and remained at Pensacola Navy Yard, Florida as a receiving ship until 1867.

His U.S. Navy pension papers certifies that at no time did he serve the Confederacy. These records are available via

Several pensions were applied for. Kidney problems and Rheumatism became severe in 1894 and a veterans pension was applied for due to inability to work. Rebecca, his wife applied for a widows pension in 1898 after his death in 1897. There were problems proving that she had formally married to John in 1862 as claimed. Numerous letters and affadavits were filed by the Alabama courts with the Navy bureaucracy in Washington. One result of this is an incredible amount of information collected by the Navy — including personal property tax records, mortgage records, a personal goods inventory, and interviews of various individuals that could attest to their marriage. In the end, Rebecca did get a widows pension in 1900 for $8/month.

His Golden Family

He is descended from Seaborn Golden (b. 1799) and Mark Golden Sr. (b. 1762).

John married Rebecca Webster in 1862.

Together they had 10 children.

  • John Lafayette “Johnny” Golden (1863 – 1934)
  • L. V. Golden (1865 – ??)
  • Pilissa Golden (1866 – 1939)
  • Cebern Seaborn Golden (1869 – ??)
  • James Solan Golden (1870 – 1920)
  • Sebren Floyd Golden (1872 – 1934)
  • Irazona Golden (1874 – 1946)
  • William Samuel Golden (1877 – 1960)
  • Lee Rush Golden (1879 – 1964)
  • Cleby Frances Golden (1884 – ??)



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