William Golden, c1827 SC – d1872 AL / Who are his parents?

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William Golden, rumored to have been born in South Carolina about 1827.

Family lore indicates that William was orphaned at an early age of between 7-9 in the Chambers County, Alabama area.

William Golden - c1827 d1872 Jan 15 - Chambers Co Alabama
Photo from atjohns95/ANC Braden Johns Family Tree

William died on January 15, 1872 when he was resting on a porch with his rifle at his side at a relative’s house. The gun fell and he was shot and he died from the injury.

William married Eliza Jane Whitlow (1834 – 1899) in Chambers County, Alabama on August 4th, 1853.


  • Richard Oscar Golden (1853 – ??)
  • William Covossa “Vos” Golden (1855 – 1926)
  • Robart Cornelius Golden (1857 – 1941)
  • Thomas Hudson Golden (1859 – 1873)
  • Frances Maria “Fannie” Golden (1861 – ??)
  • Columbus “Bud” Whitlow Golden (1865 – 1923)
  • John Henry Golden (1867 – 1924)
  • Annie Cornelia Golden (1870 – 1924)

Family Lore

This piece of family lore comes from a story on Ancestry.com by a family member seeking more information.

There are 3 stories I’ve heard about him. One was that when he was a child around 7 or 9, they were living in South Carolina. He went outside to watch a wagon train go by his house heading to Alabama. A wagon stopped and asked if he wanted to go and he got on not letting any family member know where he was. Another story is that he was taken by Gypsies from Virginia to Alabama, and the other story is that he came to the US by way of South Carolina from Ireland. I don’t know which is true; however he died in Alabama in 1872 and was said to have been 45 years old. He died of a gunshot wound. He was resting on a porch with his rifle at his side at a relative’s house and the gun fell and he was shot and he died from the injury is what I was told. No one knows his exact birthdate. His tombstone only shows his death date.

Here is much more of the family lore – good reading.

YDNA has the answer?

A male family member recently took a YDNA test. The results of this test indicate that William’s lineage descends from William Golding (1704-1782) and Elizabeth Foster (1704-1775). This does not answer the question of who his parents are but the South Carolina connection within family lore gives us a good starting point.

Got more info?

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