John Golding arrives at Accomack, Virginia, 1665

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Accomack VirginiaJohn Golding arrived at Accomack, Virginia, in 1665 or 1666.

>>> There is no known family history for this John Golding. He may have been named ‘John William Golding’, which is not an unusual name combination. Got info?

In 1718 a probate will was filed for William Golding, Jr. in Northhampton County, Virginia, which is the county just below Accomac(k) … spelt today without the ‘k’.

William Golding, Jr., could have been John Golding of 1665, or could have been his son, or could have been completely unrelated. Golding was not an uncommon name.

We know almost nothing of this family except that William Golding, Jr., wife’s name appears to be Elizabeth, his executrix … Witnesses to the probate filing was George Knight, Richard Bull, and John White … John White appears to have died by the time of actual filing.

Also mentioned in the probate records: Thomas Fox, William Cammel.

Elizabeth, executrix

The probate entry makes it unclear as to whom Elizabeth is the wife of … although I am assuming that she is William Golding’s wife.

Golding, William jr 4-165-1718/7-1718
Thomas Fox, William Cammel, wf Elizabeth, father, Wf Extrx Witt: George Knight, Richard Bull, John White p 151 (probate witness John White is dec’d)

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