Thomas Gouldin, c1597-1670, and Alice Savage, c1605–1683, of Essex, Virginia

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Thomas GouldinAm in search of Goulden, Gouldin and Goulding family members from the Gouldin and Raines Corner, Rappahanock Academy, and Port Royal, Virginia areas.

Virginia Room, Fredericksburg Central Library, Fredericksburg, Virginia … was wandering through old fashioned paper family files this past weekend and found a folder on a previously unknown Gouldin family from early Virginia.

Disclaimer: I am unable to find documentary sources for the birth, death, or marriage dates and relationships of any member of the first five generations listed within this family file. There is a very good chance that none of the information is correct.

Generation 1: Patriarch and matriarch of this Gouldin family from Essex, Virginia:

NOTE: Based upon the years of claimed birth, then Thomas and Alice would have immigrated to Virginia, probably after 1620. There was a Thomas Goulding listed in the Jamestown City, VA Census of 1624 as a 26 year old servant in the household of William Harwood in Martin’s Hundred, and living at James City in 1638 in his own home. There is no known Alice Savage as having arrived in Virginia. However, and curiously, a Richard Savage was imported in 1638 by William Parker of Upper Norfolk. Parker also imported a William Goulding, two years earlier in 1636.

Generation 2: There are three children listed as born to Thomas and Alice Savage Gouldin:

  • Thomas Gouldin,  born c1624
  • Richard Gouldin, born c1625
  • Alice Gouldin,  born c1628

Offspring of their three children includes only Thomas Gouldin (b1624) as having a son: John Gouldin, born c1647 at Essex, Virginia. No spouse for Thomas or mother for John is listed.

Thomas Gouldin
Documentation datapoints to be followed and explored. There is no doubt that a Thomas Gouldin came to Virginia in 1623, which provides the following: 1623 – Thomas Goulding came to Virginia on the George in 1623. On February 4, 1624/5 (11, p.239), Thomas was living at Martin’s Hundred (7) where he was a 26 year old servant in Ellis Emmerson’s house. In August 1638 Thomas Goulding secured a patent for a lot in Jamestown. Thomas Goulding is listed in the Jamestown City, VA Census of 1624 as a 26 year old servant in the household of William Harwood in Martin’s Hundred (3)(4).

Generation 3: John Gouldin had a son, Thomas N. Gouldin, about 1675 at Essex, Virginia. No spouse for John or mother for Thomas is listed.

Generation 4: Thomas N. Gouldin married Frances Jones, c1730–1790, with at least one son born: John Milton Gouldin, born c1765 at Essex, Virginia. … Note: Am unable to find any confirmation for marriage or partnering. There was a Frances Randolph (Jones) born 1725 in Virginia, died 1784, daughter of Col. Richard Randolph “of Curles” and Jane Bolling. This Frances married John Armstrong Jones.

Generation 5: John Milton Gouldin would marry Elizabeth Wright, daughter of William Wright and Catherine Garrett, and they would have a son John Armstead Gouldin Sr., 1787–1863.

NOTE: There was a Dr. John Milton Gouldin that married a Susan Jones Wright in 1876 in Caroline County. County Marriage Book I, page 42.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Have not been able to confirm that any of the Gouldins and their partners mentioned above ever existed. Have consulted numerous genealogy databases and googled on all names.

The Gouldins of Caroline County, Virginia


Gouldin and Raines Corner, Virginia
Members of this Gouldin family would live in the Gouldin and Raines Corner, Caroline County, Virginia until 1942 when the Army took the area as part of Fort A. P. Hill.

1787 – John Armstead Gouldin Sr.

John Armstead Gouldin Sr.,  is the first documented member of this Gouldin family. There is a challenge however in linking him with any of the aforementioned Gouldins and other family members: no known references exist making lineal linkage with anyone before his marriage in 1808.

Elizabeth Jones “Jane” Broaddus, 1789–1863, married John Armstead Gouldin Sr., on 7 April 1808 at Essex, Virginia.

NOTE: There is contention that the husband of Elizabeth Jones Broaddus was named John Warren Gouldin. Certainly the Warren name carried through as the middle name of one of their sons: Thomas Warren Gouldin, Dr., 1811–1884

Together John and Elizabeth would have 13 children:

  • Silas Broaddus Gouldin, 1809–1859
  • Thomas Warren Gouldin, Dr., 1811–1884
  • Martha Jane Gouldin, 1815–1896
  • John Armistead Gouldin, 1817–1827
  • Battaile Jones Gouldin, 1819–1840
  • Maria Ann Gouldin, 1820–bef 1844
  • John George Gouldin, 1822–1843
  • Lavinia C. Gouldin, 1824–
  • Virginia M. Gouldin, 1825–1843
  • John Woodward Gouldin, 1827–1829
  • James Franklin Gouldin, 1830–1897
  • Elizabeth Jones “Bettie” Gouldin, 1834–1917
  • John George Gouldin, 1834–1924

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The remainder of this family file includes another four pages with the lineage of the family through the early 1900s. Would be glad to provide upon request.

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