John Goulding seeks 300 acres of land at Midway, Georgia, 1759

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From The Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Volume 7
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By Allen Daniel Candler, Lucian Lamar Knight, Kenneth Coleman, Milton Ready


John Goulding 1759 Midway Georgia


This ‘John Goulding’ was actually a Gaulden with the following line of descent:

This Gaulden line came from Virginia and descends from:

Jonathan Gaulden Rev, 1776–1853 >>> moved to Georgia from South Carolina.
Rhoda Paisley, 1788–1853

son of:
John Gaulden, Capt, 1736–1782
Susannah Brumfield, 1743–1810

son of:
John Matthew Gaulding, 1705–1773
Sarah Elizabeth Greers or Geers, 1710–1773

son of
John Gaulding, 1665–1740
Mary Anne Stuart, 1680–1735
of New Kent, Essex, Virginia

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