1856 – Reuben Golding and wife Helena Cheatham move to Texas

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1856 – Reuben Griffin Golding (1815 SC – bef 1870 TX) and wife Helena Cheatham (1816-1889) of Saluda, Abbeville, SC (1850 census) sued by brother-in-law Alfred Cheatham (1827-1864) in the South Carolina Equity Court.

It appears that the Goldings left South Carolina and went to Montgomery, Texas during summer of 1856, where they remained until their passing. Reuben was in the 1860 census but not 1870. Some family histories list his death as c1865.

Helena’s mother was Martha “Patsy” Fooshe (b 1786). She passed in 1856. Alfred and his wife Emily Chaney had been living with Mother Fooshe since before 1850 — Martha was “blind” per the 1850 census.

My guess is that this fight in Equity Court was over some inheritance.

Also mentioned in the lawsuit is Washington Fooshe, probably a cousin (is not an uncle).

>>> My relationship to this Golding: complicated. We are not from the same male line. Due to intermarriage, Reuben Griffin Golding is my 2nd cousin of husband of 4th cousin 5x removed.

Reuben Griffin Golding’s line:

Reuben Griffin Golding (1778 – 1834)
father of Rueben Griffin Golding

Reuben Golding, Rev War (1741 – 1835)
father of Reuben Griffin Golding

Elizabeth Foster (1704 – 1775) and William Golding (1704-1782)
Parents of Reuben Golding Rev War

>>> My connection comes via a marriage of a great-grandson of Elizabeth Foster and William Golding, John Taliaferro Golden, Rev ME Clergy (1806 – 1880), married into the Lewis line, Sarah Ann Lewis (1813 – 1894), who connects via my grandmother’s Belcher line.

Reuben Griffin Golding

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