John / Thomas / William Hines Jr and Elizabeth Gross

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John / Thomas / William Hines Jr and Elizabeth Gross

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DNA Connection: Maternal line

John / Thomas / William Hines, Jr, Col, 1714–1783

BIRTH 1714 • Sussex County, Virginia
DEATH 1783 • Sussex, Virginia
7th great-grandfather

??? Different documents and family histories appear to use different first names for great-grandfather Hines. Thomas Hines appears to be the most common.

Elizabeth Gross, 1715–1770

BIRTH 1715 • Southampton County, Virginia
DEATH 1770 • Southampton County, Virginia
7th great-grandmother

John Thomas Hines

Elizabeth Hines / Rebeckey Hicks / Jonathan Hurley / Anna Hurley
Elizabeth Hudson / Geneva Cormeny / Lois Payne Conrad Schwartz Watts

John Thomas Hines

Elizabeth Hynes / Ann Alston / Lewis Stirling / Voltaire Stirling
Jeanette Sterling (Stirling) / Charlotte Rucker

John Thomas William Hines Jr and Elizabeth Gross

John Hines / Joseph Hines / Lillie Hines / Mattie Carr / James Daughtrey

John Thomas William Hines Jr and Elizabeth Gross

Elizabeth Hynes / All Alston / Lewis Stirling / Catherine Stirling
Annie Hereford / John Hereford / Annie Percy

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