Joseph James Golden, 1893 – 1979

Joseph James Golden was born 20 March 1893 at Mineral Bluff, Fannin, Georgia, and passed away 9 November at Copperhill, Polk Co., Tennessee.

Parents:  Joseph Henry Golden (1858 Pickens, SC – 1896 Fannin, GA) and Emily C. Berry (1861 Gilmer, GA – 1939 Cherokee, NC).

Golden - Joseph James and wife Bessie May Carter - circa 1915 to 1920
Circa 1918 to 1920 – Joseph James Golden with his wife Bessie May Carter in the years following their marriage in late 1918. Bessie died in 1927. Foto courtesy of Carole Alessi.

Married to Bessie May Carter (1893–1927) on 7 July 1918 at Benton, Polk, TN.


  • Edna Irene Golden 1920–1938
  • James Wilburn Golden Sgt USA WWII 1921–2006
  • Myrtle Lucille Golden 1923–1993
  • Swany Golden 1924–1924
  • Junior Richard Golden 1925–1997

Married to Florence Georgia Farmer (1904–1981) on 18 September 1927 at Benton, Polk, TN.


  • Clyde L Golden 1928–1937
  • Lou Emily Golden 1930–2012
  • John Henry Golden 1932–1932
  • JB Golden 1935–1935
  • France Marcella Golden 1936–1996
  • Jerry Raye Golden 1941–1999

Joseph James Golden and probably his wife Florence Georgia Farmer, circa 1950-1960
Joseph James Golden and probably his wife Florence Georgia Farmer, circa 1950-1960. There are some postings of this foto that identify this as Bessie May Carter, his first wife. However, Bessie passed away in 1927 and James Joseph Golden would have only been 33-34 years old at the time. He is clearly at least 55 years or older in this foto. Foto courtesy of Richard E. Wilson.

In the circa 1894 photo below, the older boy is Harley Richard Golden (1884 Fannin, GA – 1971 Cherokee, NC), and baby brother Joseph James Golden (1893 Fannin, GA – 1979 Polk, TN) with their grandmother Marcilla (Priscilla) Moore (1824 Georgia – 1912 Cherokee, NC).

Harley and Joseph James Golden 1894
1894 – Hot House, Cherokee, North Carolina – Harley and Joseph James Golden with their grandmother Marcilla (Priscilla) Moore. Foto shared by Mary Golden.

These are the sons of Joseph Henry Golden and Emily C. Berry.


Relationships: Joseph Henry Golden is my 2nd great uncle; Harley Richard Golden and baby brother Joseph James Golden are my first cousins, twice removed.

Joseph Henry Golden‘s father was Nathaniel Green Golden (1812 Pickens, SC – c1882 Cherokee, NC), and his mother was Arzella Moore (1825 Fannin, GA – 1886 Fannin, GA).

My great-great-grandparents were Nathaniel Green Golden and Arzella Moore.

Marcilla (Priscilla) Moore and Arzella Moore were first cousins. Marcilla’s father was Joseph Moore (1787-1850) … and Arzella was daughter of William S. Moore (1799-1880). Both were sons of Robert Burton “Burt” Moore.

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