Looney Mayfield Becknell Golden, born a Becknell and raised as a Golden

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MAP Red River County Texas 215x205 jpgLooney Mayfield Becknell Golden was born May 1874 in Red River Co., Texas to Marshall Mayfield Becknell (1851–1933) and to Mary Ann Acuff (1850–1933), married in 1873 (30 Sep) at  Red River, Texas.

Looney was born in 1874 and the Becknells divorced in 1875. Mary Ann Acuff Becknell would marry William Wylie D Golden (1857–1892) in 1877 (18 Dec) and Looney was given the Golden name and raised as a Golden.

Looney’s children were all named and raised as Goldens.

Looney married to  Willie Louise Gaston; together they had the following children: Lesley Golden, William Jefferson Golden, Albert Lee “Tom” Golden, Charles Malcomb Golden, Mary L Golden, Hurst Golden and Leo Golden. Looney died soon after the 1940 census in Fort Towson, Choctaw, Oklahoma.

NOTE: Looney’s patriarchal Becknell line tracks back to William Bicknell, born 20 Jan 1651 in Combeflorey, Somerset, England. The family name  changed from ‘Bicknell’ to ‘Becknell’ about 1750. Some family members had questions as to whether Looney had actually been born a Becknell or a Golden. YDNA testing from 2013 shows that Looney was very much born a Becknell. Not only did the YDNA not match any Golden DNA but it was a positive match for members of the Becknell family that have taken YDNA tests.

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