James Richard “Dick” Golding, KIA 23 November 1968, Viet Nam

James Richard Golding, 1944-1968
James Richard Golding, 1944-1968

James Richard Golding was born on 6 Sept 1944 at Valdosta, Lowndes Co, GA.

His parents were James Medley Golding, Jr. (1914-1963) and Pauline Taylor (1919-2007).

James Richard Golding is descended from the line of William Golding (1704-1782) and Elizabeth Foster (1704-1775).

James Richard Golding was KIA 23 November 1968, Viet Nam.  It was his second tour in Viet Nam –  he was with FOB-4, CCC, MACV-SOG, 5TH SF GROUP, USARV.

While in Viet Nam his dog tag was lost.

Nearly 44 years after becoming a widow,  Alyson Golding was reunited with a piece of her husbands time in Viet Nam – his dog tag. By her side was their daughter to receive his dog tag, found in 1993, Helen Elizabeth, who was just a baby when he was killed.

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James Richard Golding is buried in Beaverdale Memorial Cemetery, 90 Pine Rock Ave., New Haven, CT 06515 –  L Section Lot 160 Grave 1

James joined the Army at Gainesville, Florida.

Pay Grade: E6
Rank: Staff Sergeant
ID No: 14829001
MOS: 11B4S: Infantryman (Special Forces Qual)
Length Service: 04
Start Tour: 11/27/1967
Incident Date: 11/23/1968
Casualty Date: 11/23/1968
Age at Loss: 24
Location: Kontum Province, South Vietnam

 James Richard Golding dog tag
Found with 300 other dog tags being sold in a Vietnamese market as a war relic.